Aqua Art Sound Broadcast: Hidden ipod Transmission, 2005, 38 sound works, ipod, video camera, variable dimensions

Wanting to share the opportunity to exhibit work at Aqua Art Miami, a “satellite” fair held at Aqua Hotel during Art Miami Basel, Susan Robb sent out an on-line call for audio works and curated Aqua Art Sound Broadcast, a four-day, site-specific sound transmission in the hotel’s courtyard.

Sound pieces by more then 35 artists from all over the world were deposited into an mp3 player hidden from public view. A video camera trained on the mp3 player’s screen relayed track information to a video monitor located in the Aqua Hotel Courtyard while audio speakers located throughout the hotel provided a unique soundtrack to the art fair experience. The sound piece came from artists working in a variety of disciplines including painting, sculpture, installation, and video, a well as a wide range of artists who regularly work with sound including pop musicians, phonographers, and poets.